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Calibre eBook Management Software Updated

June 4th, 2010 Comments off

Today the newest version of the Calibre eBook management tool was released. You can go here to read about the new features. Calibre is a solid eBook management tool that works on many platforms. Besides making it easy to manage your eBook collection it also helps to get those eBooks from your computer and onto your reading device.

Recent updates have improved the performance of the application and added support for new readers, including Apple’s iPad tablet. The iPad export includes color support to take full advantage of the iPad’s high resolution display.

Calibre is also a great tool for converting various forms of eBooks from one format to another. Calibre can read and create many of the most popular eBook formats including Pocket Mobi, and formats for Nook, Kindle and Sony’s line of eReaders. Calibre won’t help you convert DRM protected files, but for everything else it should do the trick.

Finally, if you’ve read through all of your eBooks, Calibre can help bring current news content into your eReader for offline viewing.

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