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Iron Man 2: Fun for the Geek in All of Us

June 8th, 2010 Comments off

I went to the local theater (yes people still go, don’t believe everything that you read on the web) to catch a diaper date night showing of Iron Man 2 with the wife and kiddo. Despite what you may think, not all geeks have a massive surround sound 90″ big screen hone theater in their homes, some of us have wives that don’t allow that sort of thing.

The movie was exactly the kind of summer thrill ride that anyone can enjoy. Explosions, flashy cars, Kung Fu action, a little something for everyone. The speck effects were really solid, Iron Man looked real enough to touch. Marvel’s movie franchise is really doing a solid job delivering the goods for us geeks.

The Stark technology in this film wasn’t spectacular, like the first one. Jarvis, the automated home system, is not only old news in the movie but a clever geek has been whipping up his own version (Project Jarvis) which, while not quite as smooth and slick as the movie version is still pretty awesome. The rest of the movie really doesn’t feature much tech, a little high speed hacking and not much else.

The best geekery, in my opinion, is the threads that Marvel is weaving in to build up to a movie crossover event like no other: The Avengers. I am not aware of any other movie crossover event like this, this is a play straight out of the comics. We have a series of mostly independent films and now they are being tied together bit by bit to create a colossal movie event. Of course, this is Hollywood so we aren’t gig to see the fruits if this until 2012 (if the world survives of course) or later if the film hits any snags. In the meantime we’ll be treated to Thor and Captain America. I don’t now about you dear reader, but I can’t wait.