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AT&T leaks iPad user e-mails

June 9th, 2010 Comments off

Today hackers revealed that AT&T left iPad users’ emails publicly available to anyone willing to make a guess. AT&T assures everyone that the only information that was lost was email, but how much can you believe a company that made this big of a mistake in the first place. AT&T claims to have taken care of the problem and this is probably true since the breach was more about poor judgement than technical incompetence.

What’s even more surprising than the AT&T security breach is Valleywag blaming Apple for it ( I can’t follow the logic here. The breach was on AT&T’s servers, using code written and maintained by AT&T, for the purpose of servicing AT&T customers. Apple has nothing to do with this problem, it is 100% AT&T.

Valleywag’s bizarre claim that this is an Apple security breach because Apple partnered with AT&T is like blaming Coca Cola for a customer getting mugged outside of a 7-Eleven because you can buy Coke there. It seems like Gawker Media has a bone to pick with Apple over the aftermath iPhone 4G leak more than any real point here.

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